Relaxation – Introduction

August 25th, 2011
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The term “relaxation” basically means a release of tension. By releasing tension, relaxation contributes to relieving headaches and migraines, stress and anxiety as well as pain (e.g. back pain).

Relaxation should be a part of everyone’s life and especially if you are leading a stressful life. It is very important for your general health and wellbeing to take some time – even if it is just a few minutes each day – to unwind.

There is a variety of relaxation techniques available, such as deep breathing, biofeedback, guided imagery, meditation, progressive relaxation and Yoga – to name just a few. Relaxation can also be just sitting on a bench in a park and observing nature or enjoying a warm bath on a cold and rainy day. There is so many ways you can relax. It really depends on what you find relaxing. I suggest you try a few different relaxation techniques and explore what works for you.

I have created a few guided meditations, filmed in beautiful locations – at different lengths with the aim of making them fit into your day. Also, at the end of my Yoga/Pilates programs there will always be a short guided meditation/relaxation. Please, give them a try!

Now take three deep breaths in and out – and relax!

Have a great day – Namaste!

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